And The 1 Thing People Need

Staying Motivated Season After Season Is Crucial
Staying Motivated Season After Season Is Crucial

Do you know the secret to staying motivated to diet and exercise properly?

Seriously, I mean the one thing that no one calls out and says, “Hey, listen up, this is the 1 thing people need!!”

Hold on tight. Maybe you should sit down.

Are you ready for the secret exercise tip?

The key to staying motivated is the staying part.

Getting motivated is the obvious goal, but the secret is staying motivated.

Don’t believe it? Try living the rest of your life in good health.

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  1. Spark People ( has shown and taught me the importance of staying motivated. It is a wonderful sight full of motivational articles, blogs, and groups that have helped me to be a healthier person, one day at a time; one healthier decision at a time.

  2. Patty, your site recommendation, , looks like a great resource.
    Have bookmarked it and will look around.

    Your right too, we really do have to think about it as one day at a time, one healthy decision at a time. Eventually, it becomes habitual and less work.

    But there is never a guarantee that we will stay motivated.

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