Amazing Power To Persevere?

Frequent Travel Is A Great Excuse To Not Exercise
Frequent Travel Is A Great Excuse To Not Exercise

Our habits control us or they set us free. Which do you think happens more often?

Most people don’t think long and hard about this battle.

But for me, it’s my job. A gift, so to speak.

Only running twice in two weeks is not healthy.

This would be the fuel that allows quitting to occur.

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  1. Good habits set us free. When there is routine, our body, mind and souls enjoy the everyday bliss. And when life gets in the way of routine, it is our body and soul that bring it all back; reminding us that exercise, eating healthy, and meditation are all good — make time. My healthy lifestyle mantra is “Make you next decision a healthier one.”

  2. Patty, couldn’t agree more.
    And yet, with a crazy schedule, life’s pressures and a brutal economy, doing is harder than it looks.
    Just yesterday I wrote about running only twice in the past two weeks. Not because I’m lazy or not motivated, but because of external circumstances.
    Life goes on like this, for all of us, and it’s similar to being a farmer: feast or famine, drought, floods, bountiful harvests, insects, sick livestock, broken tractor, tornado, frost, freeze, etc.
    Farmers do the best with what they’re given. It’s a matter of survival for them. Until we operate our lives as a matter of survival, it’s really challenging to never say quit.

  3. Yes, life’s demands get in the way, but deep down inside, patiently waiting, is the peacefulness that running, or writing, or whatever that “life lifting” activity is. And when you finally run, all will be good, and it will be a gift.

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