Ok, The One With The Most Excuses Wins And Can Quit

For the ones that make it look easy, it’s not. jeff noel is amazed oxygen reaches his brain.

I’m allergic to about 50 things. Every plant that is green. Food. Dust. Dogs. Temperature changes. So along with weekly injections in both arms, I get to use morning and evening nasal sprays.

Think this makes running harder? Impossible is for amateurs. Go!

Are you leaning on some excuses that are holding you back?

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  1. My allergies definitely got in the way of what I could have been doing for myself in terms of physical activity. In fact, they got so bad (I was allergic to literally everything they tested me for) that I developed asthma as an adult. It was completely debilitating and I was sick all the time with chronic allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, frequent acute reactions, you name it. I tried so many different medications and treatments that I couldn’t even list them all if I tried.

    A new allergy and asthma specialist introduced some new treatments and I’m like a whole new person. The best part is that I’m off all meds now except one (I still keep a rescue inhaler and Epi-pen on hand, just in case) – I don’t even get allergy injections anymore. I’m breathing through my nose again and this week I’ve had the windows in my house open to let in the fresh air for the first time since I’ve been living here (over 7 years). I am grateful for this new level of health (normalcy, really), and now that I can breathe, I believe what you say about no excuses. I’m very pleased to be introducing physical activity back into my life, and determined to make no excuses.

  2. JJ, awesome surprise to see you visit. Very cool. Congrats on your new lease in life. Wishing you slow and steady progress in whatever your health goals are. Feel free to keep us updated.

    There are those (allergic) among us who understand that a breath of fresh air can be a luxury, and not an entitlement.

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