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Comeback 2013 update.

Dr Jorge Florin is exceptional, and the same age as jeff noel
Dr Jorge Florin is exceptional, and the same age as jeff noel


Comeback 2013 update. Ran 18 minutes without stopping yesterday. One and a half miles.

This morning no run, although there is a bit of a race…

To get everyone and everything in the car by 6am.

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2 replies on “Comeback 2013 update.”

Yesterday was a very long jam packed day. Home after teaching and doing the final high school pick up at 9 PM I decide to eat dinner rather than ride my bike. Knowing full well I could have slogged through a ride. But I never want riding to be just a slog. So I intentionally skipped knowing the anticipation for this evening’s ride would then be paramount. Does that make sense? Funny little mind game.

Patty, these days come and go. Accept them for what they are. Anomalies.

And there will be times when they tempt us to become the norm.

It’s perfectly ok to take an unplanned day off.

Key word is day and not lifetime.

Be well.

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