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Who's Watching Your Cholesterol?
Who's Watching Your Cholesterol?

Men and women, old and young, we all need to worry about cholesterol at some point.

It’s simply a fact of life.

After reading this article, I’m more informed that diet alone doesn’t lower cholesterol because some people will absorb 20% of the cholesterol they ingest and others, eating the same diet, will absorb 80%.

In cases like these, medicine may be a logical choice.

What still remains unanswered for me is how do you know which you are, the 20% or 80% type?

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  1. Simple: If you exercise and you are not eating processed foods, you are cut red meat or keep it to a minimum, etc. and you STILL have those high numbers, then there is your answer. We eat a Mediterranean diet, and Gary faithfully exercises. His numbers went down a bit, but not that much. He sort of felt like a failure, till our doctor said that he was doing everything right, but some people cannot lower cholesterol without medication. The good news is that Statin drugs are showing some remarkable benefits in addition to lowering cholesterol. Taking the medication doesn’t give you a pass to eat unhealthy foods and be sedentary, and it doesn’t mean you didn’t try hard enough.

  2. Lorie, thank you for your tip. I will explore the Mediterranean diet. Never studied it.
    Do you notice any side-effects from the cholesterol medication?

  3. No side effects for either of us. We get a blood test every 6 months for liver enzymes and they are fine. PLUS, preliminary studies show that statins may help protect from dementia. I am extremely apprehensive about taking any medication AT ALL. I would rather wait out a headache than take a Tylenol. But with this one, the benefits FAR outweigh the risks. I made Ian look up stuff in his med books and drug manuals and I Googled it to death. My cholesterol went from 264 to 221 in 6 months with exercise (my diet was already good) and then from 221 to 150 in 3 months with the medication, Plus, my ratio improved dramatically. My mother has been taking Lipitor for years, with no bad side effects and great cholesterol levels.

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