So You Think You’re Fast

Okay, so now my eyes are bigger than my stomach. And I think with a little focus, and a pair of track spikes, I can knock 5-7 seconds off my time of 62.5 seconds for 400 meters. Wow, if I could knock 5-7 seconds off, I’d be one of the Nation’s best age-group 400 meter runners.

This is a train wreck waiting to happen. Can you see where it’s going?

You have to remember, my feet haven’t seen track spikes in 25 years. Foretelling.

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  1. Thanks Craig. It’s fun to look back.
    Very therapeutic.
    Also insightful to see how personal growth can be both slow and quick..painful and joyful.

  2. Jeff, I just had a flashback of watching you run around the indoor track at WC. I remember you telling me that the lactic acid jumped on you like a refrigerator….although you were flying in my mind.

  3. Banging the speed bag…..and watching my roomie blaze around the track.

  4. You got it. I can see you stretching on the floor listening to AC/DC….loudly of course.

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