Now What Will You Do?

After 7 years of running, was seeded 20th, M45-49 400m. Not bad for a rookie at the 2006 National Championships.

Make the most of it. Ever mumble those words under your breath? There was no other choice (except quit). Never forget, everyone struggles. So, there, all’s fair. Get over the pity party.

You know the feeling about needing to use the restroom before some big event you’re involved in? Think of it on steriods. Plus, had to (try and) manage the warmup timing. Too little and you’re unprepared for excellence. Too much, you might miss the heat announcement.

Where you get to warmup, it’s not easy to hear announcements.

I was a rookie at every step of the process.

You could feel the veterans looking down on you, thinking, “Rookie!”

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