Just work through it he said to himself

Triage form


(photo: Yesterday at 3:12pm the recommendation was to not wait until the next day to be seen by a Doctor.)

No Doctor was available on short notice late on Friday afternoon.

Sure, the tingling began shortly after the first cup of coffee yesterday. So there was no panic. Just work through it like previous days. Wrote five posts like normal. Ran five miles, like normal.

The left arm tingling didn’t go away – like it normally did – during the past week.

Besides, there’s lots to do with only eight days until retirement from Disney.

By late afternoon, the first triage was complete at Disney’s Center for Living Well.

Health is wealth – scary when we feel like there’s been a break in and it’s been stolen.

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  1. That’s why it was worth getting checked out…and I am glad you did! 🙂

    I had a similar situation occur 3 years ago, except my symptom was that I passed out while taking a shower. With my dad’s health issues (3 heart attacks, among them), I was taken to the ER. They ran the full gamut of tests like you went through, thinking there was a blockage stopping oxygen to the brain. That wasn’t it at all, but I am glad I know now it wasn’t. But yes, that day, time seemed to stand still. It was good to know that the problem was more easily fixed – low iron anemia. But for 5 hours, my mind was thinking I was having heart problems.

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