Can you do 10-20 push-ups?

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Yesterday, biked a 20-miler. Stopped midway to visit Magic Kingdom. Also walked 4-5 miles.

Can you do 10-20 push-ups?

How about pull ups, how many?

What about walking briskly, how many miles without stopping?

Knees locked, how close to the ground do your finger tips get?

(Knees locked, can you place your hands palm-down, flat on the ground? Yes.)

If your daily food intake where public record, do you feel like you eat with integrity?

If your sleep habits were public record, would you feel satisfied with what you and others see?

Hanging from a tree limb or other parallel bar, with knees locked and legs parallel with the ground, how long can you hold you feet out in front of you? If this was a viral video of you attempting this, how would you feel?

In none of these questions did weight come up. Not talking about weight. Weigh whatever you want…

But scoring poor to just ok in strength, stamina, core, flexibility, nutrition, rest and motivation – is it because you don’t want to be physically vibrant or because you don’t think you can?

Can’t and won’t are not the same.

It’s your life, do the reps, keep your fire burning.

It’s your biggest responsibility – self care.

Be an example, not a warning.

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