Are Unhealthy People Obnoxious?

This isn’t about looking healthy, this is about our eating, exercising, and sleeping habits. Photo from an Airport Chili’s.

Cheeseburger and fries or salmon, broccoli and rice?

Go to bed early or watch more TV?

Get up early to run, or sleep in?

Are unhealthy people obnoxious?

They seem so quietly defensive if you ask the average person.

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  1. Choices, choices, choices. So simple. Responsibility: my life works in direct proportion to the commitments I make and keep.

  2. Heather, is so simple, it becomes invisible.
    Or, we hate it because we know it and hate the guilt we feel from knowing but not doing, so we block it out until we can no longer remember.
    That’s for visiting and for your MLC Fan Page ‘Like’.

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