What if you know?

car dashboard system indicator
Leaving West Glacier Motel near 5:30 AM (photo upper left) to ensure parking at “The Loop”. Only 20 spaces.
Hiking Trailhead sign
A very brisk start to the 4-mile uphill, 2,400′ elevation gain commute to the office.
Chalet sign and AppleWatch time/distance display
Averaging 21-minutes for four consecutive uphill miles surprised me. A lot.
Apple Watch display from Mountain hike
After a 75-minute break, heading up another 1,600’ elevation gain, and 2.5 more miles to Swiftcurrent Firetower. That’s 6.5 miles and 4,000’ gain.

What if you know how hard you work, how much you care, how deep you think, and how high you reach?


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