Use great rules

Two men hiking in mountains
Off to Ahern Peak. Logan is leading, then Spencer, then me.
Two men hiking in mountains
This cirque (large bowl) is massive. How massive? In person, it will take your breath away.
Shovel and pike on mountain trail
Two sets of shovel and pick. One for each of the trail crew. The trail crews make hiking in the wild possible. Their work is invisible to the average person.

Hiking Trail etiquette says ascending hiker has right away.

On level trail there is no rule.

However, i offer whoever has the most people in a group has right of way.

And, when two groups are the same size, you can always be the one to initiate yielding.

Finally, if two hikers (or hiker groups) are traveling in same direction, the slower hiker(s) should yield.

Common sense, not common. 

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