Semper Gumby

Mountain rainbow
Never gets old.
Bears are not interested in eating humans. Obviously there are exceptions to nearly everything. 
This photo shows the bear doing what it knows it must do. Eat like crazy before hibernation. Like humans, every bear is different. Make no mistake, a different bear in this same circumstance could be dangerous and potentially deadly. 

Semper Gumby translates to “always flexible”.  

Having Cheryl here for three weeks is the coolest. 

Last year’s solo visit (due to Covid) saw me wear out a pair of running shoes (i always hike in running shoes) midway through the 50-day work-visit. 

This year the hiking is less. Driven by trailhead parking availability and Many Glacier Road closing Sept 19, and, huge crowds. 

Finding alternatives has been and remains wonderful. 

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