High for 4 nights

Hotel monthly calendar availability
Screen shot last night. Staying 8/29-9/1 and 9/3-4. Gifted my 9/10-11 reservation to a local hospitality professional.

As i stared at Heaven’s Peak from the driver’s seat, an 80-90 year old man hobbled past my parked rental car at dawn. He seemed out of place. Thought some good thoughts about him and refocused on the glorious morning unfolding.

An hour after sunrise, i hit the trailhead. The four-mile trek with 2,400’ elevation gain is strenuous. 

About and hour later (roughly 26-minutes per mile), astonishingly, there was that old man. Walking slow as molasses. Wearing a mask too. He inspired me but all i said was, “Good morning.”  

Almost stopped and said, “You inspire me sir.”

Maybe that old man will be me someday. i would welcome any encouragement. 

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