Give me 90 minutes please

Yesterday’s snow added character to the higher elevations. It was easy to grab a few shots on the way down from Ptarmigan Tunnel.

Made it about four miles in the rental car before realizing i will never make it to Siyeh Bend in time to meet Colin and his friend to climb Going To The Sun Mountain. It was 9:00AM when i was given a sign to turn around and hike Ptarmigan Tunnel trail.

Parked in front of my Motor Inn room and proceeded 100 meters to the Ptarmigan Tunnel trailhead.

The 5.5 miles uphill from Swiftcurrent Motor Inn to Ptarmigan Tunnel took 150 minutes.

Spent another hour and one more mile walking past the Tunnel’s East side.

The 5.5 miles downhill from Ptarmigan Tunnel to Swiftcurrent Motor Inn took only 90 minutes.

The descent felt great and my body was asking for 20 minutes of stretching. It had been quite an unplanned workout from the quick pace, facilitated by an empty trail and the adrenaline from making a driving mistake.

It was awesome. The stretching, not the mistake.

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