Back at WDW

So tiny. Blooming so late in the season. Rare. Could there be Fairies at our feet without us knowing?
The shadows are as lovely as the flowers. This is the first year i made looking at shadows a conscious decision.
Thimbleberry in frost three days ago.
A fairly rare plant that is plentiful on Highline Trail’s first 400 meters.
Looks like a hungry baby bird hoping for some food.
Saw this small flower only in the final week.
Mushrooms near the Continental Divide.
Shadows are like second class citizens.

Back at Walt Disney World today, Fairies will be everywhere.

This is an interesting proposition…

In Glacier, wild animals are like the flowery shadows.

No one sees shadows with the plethora of colorful flowers and no one sees animals as fairies because, well, why would they?

But what if wild animals are Fairies in disguise?

What if wild animals had special powers like those of Disney Fairies?

What if today’s walk to the gym reveals an alligator, snake, or armadillo?

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