New habits need to cook 21 days

Hang a right just before the pond. Reynolds saddle awaits. Another 5-mile, high mountain creativity exercise. 

Sunset around 9:20 PM. You own the Logan Pass parking lot at this hour. Strange are the birds who think impossible is nothing. 

New habits need to cook 21 days. 

Doing something every day for three weeks doesn’t guarantee success but it exponentially increases your odds. 

Nine active Glacier days in June, then a three week break. Add another 24 Glacier days in July and i’m feeling decently acclimated to hiking at 6,600’ and above. 

Almost everything i do is a risk. 

Invest in a few big risks, tempered with scalable and predictable structure and processes. 

Glacier is a big risk. 

Son, because risk and reward are generally proportional, i make sure to aim (impossibly) high. 

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