Well The Florida State Masters Track Meet Was This Past Weekend

Food for thought…

This past weekend, jeff noel did not defend the Florida State Masters 400 meter title he won previously in consecutive years. Didn’t even enter.

Still recovering from severe foot injuries. But still running. And am feeling blessed beyond measure for the privilege.

Do you ever consider yourself a jackpot winner simply because you can walk, or run?

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  1. I am not running much these days because of knee injury. Must admit, I don’t have the best attitude about it all the time. I do know everyday we can move around is a blessing. But yur post reminded me, there are countless folks out there who want to run but are injured. Good luck healing up.

  2. Patty, I’m telling you, we humans are so blessed to be alive. But if our car is old, or we get passed up for a promotion, or…..the list goes on and on that makes us believe otherwise.

  3. Jamie, hello and welcome to Lane 8. Love your blog. Sorry to hear about your knee. Slowing down is ok, but quitting is something that feels like the devil.

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