Can You Get Better By Doing Less?

Some are very shy about their feet.

To a runner, having healthy feet is a blessing, especially if the runner hasn’t had great-feeling feet in years and years. The down side is that feeling great is a huge temptation to overdo it. So yesterday, I took the day off.

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  1. My feet are good, but my ankles are not cooperating with me. After the 5K on April 1st, I was nearly crippled for two weeks, but now they are starting to feel better. I tried to run a half a block yesterday and paid for my over-exuberance… It takes so much patience to recover.

  2. Natalie, maybe six years ago, I developed a simple mantra (after repeated injuries)…. “stay healthy, have fun”.

    Exercise and having fun are much more challenging when injured and riddled with pain. No brainer, but we get so tempted to overdo years (decades sometimes) of neglect.

    Wishing you a speedy (the long way is the short cut0 recovery and slow-baked wisdom.

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