You don’t need to worry about it

Greeting card
Yesterday at the Dollar Store greeting card aisle in Allentown, PA.


There are these recurring daydreams that begin with the next sentence as the opening scene.

You don’t need to worry about it.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could become enlightened?

You know, to see farther than what’s right in front of us everyday – past the common, everyday surface level stuff.

i carry this weight, the weight of others believing i have it all figured out. Not everyone, but enough to feel uncomfortable. It’s weird and difficult to explain.

And then the guilt of them believing i have some special ability or skill to come in and rescue them from their challenges.

Truth is, i may be one needle of overwhelm away from breaking the camel’s back.

Please make victory over your demons your top priority.

If you, as i do, spent your time focused on that, you’d understand that’s exactly what i’m going through. Then you’d feel i wasn’t being a hypocrite.




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