Where Are You Going With This?

Too Bad There's Not An Express Lane For Self-Discipline
Too Bad There's Not An Express Lane For Self-Discipline

People are very often annoyed by people who know where they are going. It’s easy to hate people who are focused and have enormous self-discipline. Isn’t it? I mean, what part of that is hard?

Those self-motivated go-givers are always having things go their way.

They get all the breaks.

And they have none of the challenges we have. Right?

Truth be told, their lives might be more challenging than yours.

It’s just that they’ve figured out that the two choices we all get to make are the two choices in yesterday’s post.

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  1. I know where I’m going but I’m not always sure which lane to get into. Some lanes get me there faster but with more risks. Others may get me there at a slower pace but with fewer risks. That’s why signs along the way remind us of where we are headed. They don’t tell us if we are going in the right or wrong direction. They tell us if we continue on this road, here is where you will eventually end up.

  2. David, this is why a clear, concise and compelling vision is so critical. It will overcome the obstacles.

    You do remember that in the case of Lane 8, it’s the worst lane, the one the slowest competitor gets?

    But what if it were in the finals at the World Championships.

    You come in dead last.

    And you’re the 8th fastest in the entire world.

  3. During my time as an active barbershop competitor I sang with a group of guys that collectively we were 7th in the world. And I was happy to be in that place. We did our best with no regrets. To be in the same league as the other winners was a huge reward!

  4. David, thank you for sharing that piece of your life.

    That is an enormous accomplishment.

    Trophy’s and accolade’s are not the goal, in my opinion.

    Doing your best is the goal. As Mother Teresa so eloquently said, If you can’t do great things, do small things with great Love.

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