What A Waste Of Time?

Is That An Eight (8)?
Is That An Eight (8)?

Why do I feel like most people look at regular exercise and reasonably healthy eating habits as a chore?

Or worse yet, people look at this common sense approach as an impossibility.

Can someone please explain this to me, or am I wasting my time?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Hey Jeff, its been a little while since I responded to any of your blogs.

    Alot going on. Nearly lost my father a few weeks ago to a tick born disease…the North American version of Malaria that went undiagnosed until the last minute. They claim he was a day or two from not recovering.

    Family vacation…you saw the pics.

    Two girls heading off to college.

    And still fighting a war.

    However, these are two good questions.

    First, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet can in fact be a chore. Some professions like my chosen profession (National Defense) are rewarding but most definitely comes at a cost. National Defense isn’t a 9 to 5 job, it doesn’t have regular hours which enable some level of consistancy or routine. Due to my volatile schedule I choose to take care of my other fatherly, husbandly, homeowner, volunteer duties at every opportunity. Finally I use what time may be left over to take care of my own personal needs…exercise, both physical and mental. So when I shoehorn some exercise into my day it is a chore…a necessary chore…one I want to do but a chore none the less. That was my choice though. I have to live with it until I change my profession.

    Second, you are not wasting your time. Reading your blogs everyday takes 5 minutes but reminds me of my goals and helps me keep my eye on the prize. So I work out when I can as often as I can.

    I don’t/can’t whine or complain about it because I chose this path…but I’m looking forward to the off ramp in a few years.

    Keep’em coming.

  2. Skip, you’re alive!!!!!!


    Hey brother, GREAT to hear from you.

    Thank you for defending our freedom, no matter the cost.

    You are passing the test, the rest of us would like to pass, but don’t want to take.

    Hey, right there with you on the crazy schedule, diet and exercise being a chore thing.

    Even if it doesn’t sound like it in my “voice”, I struggle like everyone else. Seriously. I have found choosing a very strong “it’s a privilege to exercise and make choices” helps me battle the excuse-whisperer.

    Stay strong. Am SO GLAD your father pulled through. That must have been one of the scariest and hectic times of your life.

    Will pray for both college-bound daughters, and the two at home at well. There are many pigs and wolves out there. Some carry guns, some carry lies.

    Hope both are rejected when they come a knockin’.

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