Obsessed Or Apathetic?

Do You Have World Class Peace of Mind?
Do You Have World Class Peace of Mind?

Want to take a test to see if your way of thinking about diet and exercise is right for you?

Somewhere in between being obsessed or being apathetic lies the proper balance for your approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and exercise are like water and air for our physical well being.

Inactive people often despise active people and active people often harshly judge inactive people.

Quiz time. ┬áIf you’re health were a small family business, are you profitable or filing for bankruptcy?

By jeff noel

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  1. My family business would be profitable some months, and losing money other months. How do you maintain the profitability?

  2. Bob, first off, enjoy your cruise and wish Renae a Happy Birthday from “Lane 8”.
    Second, nice to see you here.
    Third, like anything else, the way you succeed is by using focus and discipline.
    The long way is the short cut.
    there is no easy, quick fix.
    It’s a battle for the rest of your life.
    Take your cues from Nature.
    Peace my friend and happy sailing.

  3. Jeff & Bob, I don’t have a business degree but I do own a beach rental property.

    I have 3 months of positive cash flow and 9 months of negative cash flow.

    Each year I “lose” money….however, I am one year closer to retiring into my own beach home.

    So what?

    I guess what I’m saying is that we have alot of balls in the air and in order to balance them all we sometimes emphasize some more than others for a while and then shift back to the neglected ones.

    If life was a pool table we could balance everything evenly all of the time.

  4. Skip, Bob was speaking metaphorically, as was I.

    Congrats on getting closer to your dream of retiring and living at the beach. That is VERY cool.

    The intent today was to think about approaching our health the same way we’d handle our career or business – with care, dedication, continuous improvement, and understanding the changing environment and adapting accordingly.


  5. I understood but I wasn’t articulate enough to get my point across.

    Just as I have positive and negative cash flow with my rental property (family business) I have positive and negative exercise periods.

    I was trying to address Bob’s question about maintaining profitability.

    You can be profitable in the end even if you have ebbs & flows throughout.

    Am I making more sense now?

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