jeff noel Health Resolutions

Our lizard brain tells us it’s okay, leading us to complacency…

Stopped making health resolutions because “they don’t work”?

A self-fulfilling prophecy. Right?

At some point, victor or victim. You know this too. And you’re good with that?

Please remember, I’m pulling for you to succeed. Don’t give up – rule #1.

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  1. But what if you’re forced to give up? What if your goal isn’t “good for you”? When do you say when? Just wondering… those questions popped into my head as I read the blog entry.

  2. Patty, not wise enough for your questions.
    Perhaps it’s in the seed of impossible is nothing. I don’t know, but it would seem like people could find reasons (easily) to abandon God after a tragic or horrific incident.
    I have dozens of reasons why drinking again looks appealing.
    If I was forced to no longer run, I’d explore walking, cycling, swimming, for starters.
    Keep moving forward, I guess.

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