How Is Your Health?

Start Working On Your Excuses
Start Working On Your Excuses

Do you find yourself being interested in this question, or do you quickly change the subject?

If you’re interested, great.

If you change the subject, you have an awesome opportunity not to.

I’m not you, but if I was, I wouldn’t wait until January 1st to make a resolution. I’d be formulating it right now, working slowly and steadily at making enough small changes that come January 1, 2011, you’ll feel like this is the year you won’t fail.

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  1. I have a friend at church who has lost over 130 lbs. over the last year and a half due to diet changes and exercise. He has also picked up running. He told a story of how he could only run 5 driveways before getting completely winded. He now runs 5K’s for fun under 30 minutes!

    I told him I have scheduled my first 5K for next month. He asked if I wanted him to run with me. I was honored and inspired at the same time! He’s recruiting his son to do it as well. I told him I wasn’t at his level and said he would still run at my pace.

    January 1st will be just another day thanks to brotherly love!

  2. David, wow, your friend has transformed himself. Amazingly inspirational.
    What was finally the motivation he needed to make his huge change?
    What day is your first 5k?
    That’s exciting.
    Hey, can I tell you my gut thought, and it’s one tempered with reality?
    Does your friend have a plan to stay with it?
    See ya next week.

  3. I will ask him. He has been on a roller coaster with his weight for years. This time it finally stuck to get these results.

    My first 5K is October 9th. It is for the Make A Wish Foundation.

  4. YES! The advice is needed and welcomed!

    I’ve driven the route and part of the first leg is downhill. Very deceiving to this novice runner. The second leg is a long uphill. There is also another uphill part just before the finish.

    My goal is to finish the race.

  5. David, savor your first one. save enough at the end so you can push through the last .1 mile.

    A 5k is 3.1 miles. It’s the final .1 that can kill ya. 🙂

    The miracle won’t be that you finished. The miracle happened already – that you choose to start.

  6. David,
    Speaking from experience, from 12 years ago, not yet currently again – Don’t be afraid of the hills, use em.
    You may actually tire yourself more if you hold back too much on a downhill. But it’s also similarly tiring if you try to do too much. Of course, you’re not trying to set any records yet, so the latter shouldn’t be an issue.
    Just let em take you.

    Also, in your training, given that you’ve mentioned a few uphills, it will only help you if you work on running UP some hills now. Not necessarily hill workouts. But getting some time in will give you that mental strength to take them “in stride.”

    Hills are beautiful and provide for a nice bit of variety on a course. But also have a tendency to psych those out, who aren’t prepared.

    Just my two cents (from the cross country captain that still resides in my head, knocking to be released again)…

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