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Facebook body

Disney Parks Blog update on Captain EO closing
Disney Parks Blog update on Captain EO closing in two weeks. We were going to go after lunch.


Facebook body, aka as Facebook health.

How many social media reps do we get in each day? One rep for each time we check FB.

How is our social media blood pressure? How do we feel as we try to keep up? How do we feel if no one likes or comments on something of ours? How do we feel when someone says something we oppose, dislike, despise, even hate?

How do we feel when we get friend requests from someone we barely know?

How do we feel when someone we send a friend request to never accepts?

How do we feel on a busy day when we get unimportant notifications from a comment thread?

How do we feel (fill in the blank, because we could go on and on) ________?





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