Wish it didn’t look so easy

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I’m constantly fighting the battle with health, particularly my weight and cholesterol.

Some months are easier to maintain wellness. While other times (of every year) require everything I can muster – to not quit.

Just wish what I do didn’t look so easy and natural to the folks observing from afar.


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  1. I fight the weight cholesterol battle as well. Unfortunately I don’t look like I’m winning. 🙂 Imagine where I would be if I stopped fighting?

  2. The battle is so very psychological — awareness and then action is all played out in our brains before it shows itself in real time. By the way, I better turn on the work out DVD this morning — too icy to go out walking…

  3. Patty, I remember when I started running the last time (in 1999), it was one month before I was running the equivalent of one lap around a high school track.

    When people start out after years (decades maybe) of not running and begin with two or more miles, I can’t comprehend why.

    Be careful, slow and steady. Have fun, stay healthy.

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