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An introduction to Jody Maberry by Lee Cockerell took 3.5 years to finally become an agreement to record a podcast.

A random phone call one day at Disney changed my life.

That call led to discovering i was born to teach. At 40, in 1999.

A random “Great Recession of 2008” changed my life too. Pushing 50 years old no less.

The uncomfortable 2008 Disney layoffs (i wasn’t let go) convinced me to start a business, as an idle-but-ready-to-go Plan-B should there ever be another recession.

There was another layoff, and dang if it wasn’t the mother of all layoffs, in 2020.

Covid-19, you bastard, you cost 30,000+ wonderful Disney Cast Members their jobs in 2020.

Note: The business i founded in 2009 unexpectedly positioned me to retire after 30 years with Disney, in 2014.

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