What’s my sleep number?

Delta seat chart
The good news? i’m still in 21C, but row 20 is directly in from of me. Why a big deal? i needed the under-seat storage for my backpack.


What’s my sleep number?

It’s 14 out of 15.

The number of nights getting eight hours of sleep.

Ironically, 16 nights ago i got only five. And, the guy sitting next to me on the plane works for Sleep Number.

What’s my seat number?

It’s 21C.

Paid extra to get closer to the front to ensure making the next connection.

i was intentional in making sure i had a seat directly in front so i had a place to stow my backpack. When you sit in an open area, you are forced to rely on overhead storage.

When you don’t fly frequently, you board much later and often overhead storage is full.

The seat map from yesterday (above) is wrong.

i was nervous, even though i worked hard beforehand to not be.

Play the hand you’re dealt.

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