What makes common sense decently uncommon?

healthy teens
Do any of the three believe the other two friends are significantly smarter.

Do you think you will be better able to excel at whatever your work is if you exercise regularly or if you don’t?

The challenge with being excellent is that you will carry a lifetime of desire with you to sustain that momentum for your lifetime. Yet life comes with temptations, unhealthy shortcuts, harmful distractions designed to derail excellence. The great news is that you can develop, adjust, and hone your habits and rituals to ensure your foundation remains solid.

The opposite of excellence is to carry the weight of poor choices and lack of hope with you for a lifetime. You can imagine how poor choices compound over time.

Like the theme in yesterday’s posts – waiting and doing nothing are the twin siblings for self-destruction.


Be amazed and be amazing.

You are worthy. You are deserving. And nothing will ever change that.

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