What do you do when you write 2,922 days in a row?

Simon T Bailey books
Yesterday 7:30 AM.


Dave's House event 2017
Breakfast for approx 200 people.


Dave's House Vision and Mission
Dave’s House helps Central Florida’s mentally ill homeless adults.


Dave's House Insights that Inspire
Third year with a business message. Lee Cockerell, Dennis Snow, and now Simon.


Simon T Bailey with Mickey Mouse
Most Disney leaders have an early career photo with the Boss.


Simon T Bailey
Exceptionally polished speaker.


CEO Challenges
Didn’t catch if these are prioritized. The first one is most important because it drives everything else.


What do you do when you write 2,922 days in a row?


Skipped the 40k roundtrip bike ride in exchange for seeing Simon Bailey speak locally yesterday morning. My body was whispering, “Give your legs a break.”

Planned for it and had gym gear in the trunk.

Nice workout at Gold’s on the way home from the event.

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