The key to ensure better things happen more often

work life balance speakers
Yesterday a couple minutes into an hour bike ride to the gym.


work life balance speakers
Was on the phone with a potential client at 630am yesterday, while i took these pictures.


work life balance speakers
Stopped the bike to capture a group photo.


Over focus on the same things others under focus on or ignore.

When you make a commitment to do this every day for the rest of your life, better things happen more often.

But they don’t happen on demand.

They happen organically, in due time.

Sustainable growth, progress, and change cannot be rushed.

Less than an hour ago i woke up and weighed myself (twice) like i always do.

Hit 157.0 for the first time in years.

i’ve been stuck in the 160-164 range for way longer than i wanted.

Here’s the good news: while stuck there, at least it didn’t get worse. Holding steady, even if it’s a higher weight, is superior to progressively heavier weights. i could be 180 right now had i not been able to hold steady.

It took everything i could bring to each day to hold steady.

And in the last 10 days…a remarkable downturn.

In the 151 – 153 range, vibrancy is at it’s highest.

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