Selfies and otherwise

Disney Institute trademark question on a flip chart
Low camera angle is a personal selfie-trademark move. Same with flip charts (and everything else).

Benchmarking’s singular goal is learning how another company thinks. Never focus on what they do and how they do it. Focus on why they do it in the first place.


Bob Spina, my four-day Disney’s Approach to People Management co-facilitator, was debriefing with the class of 50 open-enrollment global business leaders after our return from the Disney Casting Center. This freed me to observe the audience (which is my secret weapon).

The audience, predictably, is focused on grooming guidelines.

The audience thinks we are saying you should have detailed grooming guidelines if you want to be great.


i, and Bob, have never remotely suggested that.

So i moved to the front of the room where Bob was and turned a flip-chart around so they couldn’t see what i was writing.

Bob and i trusted each other and he let me take control without a clue where i was going. He just trusted i was on to something important.

Said a few things and wrote two words as big as possible.

Put the marker down, stepped beside the flip-chart, proceeded to ask a series of pointed questions to get them hanging on to every word, then spun the flip-chart in their direction.

So What?

The rest as they say, is history.

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