Professional evaluator

Mickey Mouse prop hiking certificate
From Disneyland.

Being super-active makes observation easy and fun.

A bicycle or shoe-leather express, doesn’t matter, i can be anywhere quickly.

Yogi Berra said, “you can observe a lot by watching.”

My career demands world-class observation of people, situations, and organizations.

Some common questions i solve for are:

  • Motive
  • Cause
  • Frequency
  • Timing
  • Duration
  • Severity
  • Impact
  • Advocates
  • Adversaries
  • Who
  • What’s invisible
  • Etc

Applying world-class Disney business insights to personal life is easy. Common sense never goes out of style. Common sense is also the broadest and deepest logic in what makes the most sense for the most people. For example, diet and exercise is a common sense focus for a healthy body.

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