Once Upon a Time in Disney Employee Engagement (prologue)

September 11, 2016 American Flag at half-mast. Day 3 book writing from Town Square.
Walt Disney World Guest button display at Magic Kingdom
Hidden Mickey at the Chamber of Commerce.

Once Upon a Time in Disney Employee Engagement

What do the most Admired Companies in the world have that other Companies struggle to grasp?


Culture is what people think and do without thinking.

What people think and do is driven by habit.

Culture and habits are synonymous.

Culture consists of the standard practices of each employee.

Organizational patterns determine an organization’s destiny.

Habits are the threads that weave a company culture.

Disney, perhaps better than any other organization, has harnessed, scaled, and maintained the focus and discipline required to have a culture by design versus a culture by default.

Walt Disney started his career as a storyteller using ink and paint.

Walt parlayed his storytelling talent and instincts into using specific strategies and tactics to construct a great corporate culture.

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