Dear Son, how cool is it to start something?

Scene from God's Not Dead
There will always be a million reasons to quit or back down


Dear Son, how cool is it to start something?

How scary is it that it may quickly fade…. “like it always does”?

Biking everyday and walking…

As natural as anything can be for a human body.



It either becomes a part of life or it doesn’t.

We know this.

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  1. Does Patty say she’s ready?

    She will shortly. No doubt.

    You got this.

    And in your total exhaustion, you will experience an unfamiliar, yet glorious, exhilaration.

  2. It’s done. At times I thought I was done, finished… but I dug deep and remembered that I own these hills. That I could do this. Can’t wait till the next time.

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