Dear running

Running on red dirt road
Photo taken an hour after this post was written this morning. Our son running by himself because he is the slowest runner on the team. i was walking with another parent.


Dear running,

Thank you for teaching me that attitude plays a critical role in physical wellness. it’s a simple lesson you taught me that is literally the game-changing reason why today, at 57, i remain a runner active.

You are easily transportable, meaning you are available anywhere as long as i have running shoes. i’ve learned to make running shoes my primary footwear and it’s easy to carry running shorts in a backpack (or suitcase – i have traveled extensively the past dozen years.

You have also taught me to love mornings.

And you have gifted me with this mantra:

Dream Big  •  Get There  •  Stay There

Slaying excuses, allocating time, and finding a million reasons to stay motivated are the three non-negotiables for lifetime wellness.


•  •  •  •  •


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