Dear Prayer

Disney Fanatic backpack
Walking to Magic Kingdom two nights ago, September 9, 2016.


Police cars at Magic Kingdom entrance
This would have never happened prior to 9/11…it would have been way too much reality for our onstage story.


Disney Leadership author and speaker
Two days ago (Sept 9, 2016) i woke up early to order the iPhone 7 and 15 hours later began writing my first Disney book in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland.


Dear Prayer,

Forgive me for the times when my hopes and requests revolve around things that would directly benefit me. Sure, that’s not anything to feel guilty about, but i must say that sometimes i do feel self-conscious about putting things close to me ahead of the bigger picture.

PS. Thank you for gratitude. It’s my favorite. i pray the world is filled with it everyday, all day.




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