What’s Your Pathetic Excuse?

Need One Of These For Your Pile Of Excuses?
Need One Of These For Your Pile Of Excuses?

You should know, in case you don’t, I respond to every single comment and email you send. Yesterday’s Lane 8 post had a comment from occasional Guest Blogger, Skip.

Here’s the reply I just wrote, it feels post-worthy:

What if, instead of your outward appearance, you thought of your “comeback” in terms of showing your daughters that getting older doesn’t mean we have to compromise an active, healthy lifestyle?

That getting older isn’t a jail sentence to ill-health.

Do you want your daughters and your grandchildren to be unhealthy when they get older?

What will motivate them to “break the cycle” and be the change, if you can’t, or won’t, do it?

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  1. Jeff, I used the “girlish figure” comment as a metaphor for an active healthy lifestyle.

    Even though I consider myself to be in sad shape (compared to where I once was) I know I am still in better shape than 80% of the rest of the population. I am still active and I set good (not great) example for healthy habits.

    That made me think of the other areas of our lives (mental, financial, spiritual, family, etc.) and how do I stack up there. Surprise surprise surprise…good in all but not great any one.

    Life is balance. I’ll figure it out.

  2. Skip, thanks for your openness. Pretty sure we all struggle with balance.
    Like you, I understand the positive effects of antagonism, and wanted to return the favor.
    Remember who’ve I’ve worked for most of my life. Talk about high expectations.

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