It’s Time To Get It Checked

I Think He Thinks I'm Crazy
I Think He Thinks I'm Crazy

Fear keeps us from doing many of the common sense things we know we should do.

Well, fear, and a busy schedule.

But maybe we create a busy schedule to hide our fear, so we can blame our procrastination on our self-imposed “hiding”.

Friday morning. Me. The Doctor. Right calf.

Let’s get this thing figured out.

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  1. Patty and David, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
    It seems awkward to be thankful for something so trivial in the big picture.
    What I’m trying to discern is, is it God or the devil that is using this running thing.
    Pray for discernment, my than anything else. Okay?

  2. It’s an opportunity, a door opening… maybe in the process of determining why your calf is in pain you will touch someone in a positive way. You might not even realize it, but it could happen. Maybe a nurse having a bad day, or another patient that could use a friendly smile.

  3. Patty, maybe. The things you mention could happen.

    Was thinker bigger, and maybe that’s the devil.

    Wondering why, and how, could an ordinary person go from running one mailbox a day to the Senior Olympics, ten years later.

  4. Someone used to say to me “sometimes I wonder just what you are running away from” That person had something, as have you touched on it. I had a fleeting thought recently because of something you wrote, but I guess I was afraid to know.
    Praying for you as always. After your e-mail I figured I would find my answer here.
    Things happen for a reason,you have been knudged.

  5. Thanks Mom.
    Things always happen for a reason.
    It’s up to us to slow down long enough to discover what it is.
    And what to do, or not do, next.

  6. WOW! What a great opportunity you made for yourself, (for it took hard work on your part to get there), and that you experienced. Congratulations on reaching such a fantastic accomplishment. WOW!

    As you have said on these blogs before, in many different inspiring ways, it can be the little things that count a lot. I’m in no position to figure out why lives take certain twists and turns. I do know that whatever the path, if faced with God and optimism, life is good. Maybe your injury will sideline you for a short bit. Who will you meet when you go out for shorter jogs? Or maybe it will cause you to change your whole training regime? Again, whose life will you touch visiting the gym when before you would’ve been running? Or maybe there will be more time at home. What project will you and your family enjoy together?

    The devil is not here. God is using you to touch many many people. And the path has a bit of a twist to it. As always, look for goodness; it’s there.

  7. Patty, I suppose it’s God’s exceptionally gracious way of giving me a “hard road” that isn’t life-threatening.

    There are a multitude of really challenging things I could be dealing with.

    And yet, many people have hard roads to travel that are terminal or life-threatening. The discernment focuses around that aspect – how do we keep pushing on when it’s not a matter of life or death?

  8. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow morning. I’m thinking of you now as I type this. But you’ll be on my mind tomorrow.

  9. Thank you David. Early diagnosis is achilles tendonitis.

    A few more tests to be sure.

    The location is higher than typical, so ultrasound and xray for good measure.

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