Five things i’ve learned (or re-learned) from this current running fiasco

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A new pain in left calf yesterday.


Five things i’ve learned (or re-learned) from this current running fiasco.


1. It’s not about competing.

Although competition is healthy and motivating, at the end of the day all that matters is being able to run pain free.

2. Running’sĀ ups and downs are a metaphor for life.

Planning for things is simply that, a plan. No plan is perfect. We must constantly adjust our course. To get injured six weeks before Nationals and Worlds was unforeseeable. i finished last at last week’s Nationals and may not be able to run in France. Life goes on whether we’re happy or not..

3. The real joy is being healthy enough to run.

The things we take for granted are astonishing and embarrassing. Simply being able to run as a 56 year-old is a huge blessing. To have the motivation. To find the time. To enjoy the highs and push through the lows.

4. Be thankful for injuries and pain.

They are signs. And it can always be worse. Be thankful for both. Feel blessed with your stress. It means you are still alive.

5. Injuries (and disappointment) and how we handle them define us.

Others are constantly watching and judging us. What a priceless opportunity to teach the people we care about.

Heading out for a bicycle ride this morning. Heading to Gold’s Gym to work on core.

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