The End Of Illness?

The warehouse storage room for daily common sense applications is almost empty.

Last night on ABC evening news David Agus, MD’s new book, The End Of Illness, was a featured segment. David is the person Lance Armstrong, Ted Kennedy and Steve Jobs trusted to help them extend their lives.

His premise is that good living is the cure for illness, not some yet to be discovered cure. Prevention through healthy living. This could be groundbreaking (*grin*).

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  1. “Prevention through healthy living. This could be groundbreaking (*grin*).”

    Grinning, shaking my head, shrugging my shoulders and wondering how come this is so difficult for people to understand… It’s so basic, it’s ridiculous! Of course, exercise and healthy eating, balance of work and play, finding peace in God (however you find Her) — it’s going to make a difference in the quality of our lives.


  2. Natalie, nice plug for God (her). 🙂
    The concepts are ridiculously simple. The execution in the real world is ridiculously challenging.
    Far from impossible, and easier the longer you refuse to quit.

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