Like you

healthy lunch
Like you, i need to focus on eating a balanced menu. Yesterday’s lunch.


Like you…

Like you, i don’t have time to waste

Like you, i’m remarkable at what i do

Like you, i don’t want people trying to sell me something

Like you, i’m driven to put a dent in our Universe

Like you, i realize that some of the best things in life come from places where you least expect them

Like you, i know the only way to discover a breakthrough is to take the risks no one else wants to take

Like you, i know if your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough

Like you, i recognize the power in being able to walk away from a tempting opportunity that, after a reality check, doesn’t deliver amazing ROI

PS. Not looking to volunteer, i’m looking to discover if you recognize the opportunity that has crossed your path.

If you do, i’m on a bicycle from 1115-1215pm (ET) today


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