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Inspiration is an inside job

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What are our limits? Yesterday was just an ordinary day.


We all have the possibility to think deep, aspirational thoughts yet we often allow the busy-ness of our life to be a crutch to perpetually put it off.

Do we deserve to treat ourselves like this?



Ran the second longest run ever, 11 miles, yesterday.

The longest run was in 1982, as a Walt Disney World College Program Cast Member – from Disney University to Snow White Campground.

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2 replies on “Inspiration is an inside job”

Is there a story coming about that 1982 longest run?
You’ve peaked my interest.

Craig, not really. We didn’t have gps in 1982, so the distance from Disney University to 4567 Seven Dwarfs Lane, Kissimmee, FL was never calculated.

Had this vague feeling it was/is somewhere near a half-marathon.

Checked it a few months ago and discovered it is.

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