Double dipper

Stumbled on this relic recently.

Double dipper means you dip your rear tire in the Atlantic, you bike 170 miles across Florida and dip your front tire in the Gulf of Mexico.

We began our full-time Disney careers in 1984.

Some backstory: Had worked two-thirds of 1982 at Walt Disney World, then returned to Pennsylvania to attend my Dad’s second marriage. Shortly thereafter, embarked on a cross-country, solo, bicycle tour.

Fast forward, ended up in Washington State and got married in 1983.

In 1984 when we arrived in Florida, we owned one car. Cheryl used it. We both worked at Disney. There is no public transportation in Orlando. We never worked the same shifts. Because i had an 18-speed touring bicycle, i biked 36 miles roundtrip to Disney’s River Country Water Park lifeguard job.

So in 1985, the idea of biking 170 miles in one day intrigued me. Could i do it?

Only one way to find out.

You only get the patch if you successfully bike 170 miles in one day.

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