Time or money, which is more valuable?

rat race
rat race

Time or money, which is more valuable? A High School classmate who was nearly killed in a car accident (as a midlife adult) reflected last night how she thinks time is even more valuable than health.

Will have to spend some time thinking about this on tomorrow morning’s run.

This short invocation makes a decent argument, but doesn’t convince.

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  1. Interesting… Definitely one to ponder. After warching my mother in law exist in an almost completely vegetative state for three years with brain cancer our perspective would be the opposite, I think. Will think about on my morning walk.

  2. I have been pondering this question today although it’s too cold outside for me to walk or run very far. Time and health are both precious commodities; neither can be hoarded. Our health can slip away, can be regained and sometimes like Patty’s dear Mother in law is stolen from us so cruelly. Time can’t be won back — once it’s gone, it’s really gone. But both time and health can be great investment opportunities!

    After thoughtful consideration, I cannot compare apples to oranges or health to time. I just pray for the wisdom to invest them as God sees fit.

    Thanks for making me think today, Jeff and Patty…

  3. Natalie, you’re welcome. These are questions that help us come alive. The time to contemplate them is while we don’t have to.

    If we determine an answer that works for us, we can live more purposefully.

    It’s a great way to discern what to say yes to and what to say no to. And to have those answers actually pay dividends, versus leaving us overdrawn.

  4. It’s an especially interesting question because the answer is so different based on who you ask. One who has the burden of caring for a loved one that is no longer coherent would probably say health, but for me it’s time, without question. My dad should have died 11 years ago, and has not been in great health since, but I cherish the extra time God has given us to be with him, and enjoy the life that he still has with my family and me.

  5. Wow, Andy, what a unique and compelling perspective. It’s truly a pleasure and an honor to have you here and sharing. Welcome.

    May God’s Grace, mercy, and never Ending Love shine on your Father as you spend precious time together as a family.

    Peace and blessings immeasurable to you and your Family Andy.

  6. Thank you for such kind and thoughtful words, Jeff. The Lord has been very good to our family and my dad. He’s turned his struggles into a ministry and has been an inspiration to many.

    Christ’s richest blessings to you, as well!

  7. Andy, can you lead us to your Dad’s ministry?
    Please feel free to leave a link here.
    And thank you the wish that the richest of blessings come our way… breath in our nostrils, a clean shirt, a hot meal. Peace in our soul, joy in our spirit, and love in our heart,

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