The only guarantee we get from exercise

trying to guess who it is without seeing the person requires focus
game show
blind folds help judges focus

I travel a fair bit, and at 35k feet, you can think a bit differently because you can see things a bit differently – you know, the big picture. The are no close up details when looking down from 6 miles up – only big picture. This is when it hit me. There are no guarantees with exercise, except one. Focus.

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  1. As a younger adult, I lived in Ithaca, NY. And while I was there I ran competitively. So when the priest mentioned in his homily one Sunday that he yelled out to a pack of runners charging down the street (in front of the rectory), “You’re going to die anyway.” I sat up and took notice. After all I was one of those health nuts. Yes exercise. Yes be as healthy physically as you are able. But exercise your spiritual life too. As you say and write: life is a balance

  2. Patty, this is a god one. Could debate back to your priest, “Why pray, I’m going to die anyway?” “Why serve, I’m going to die anyway”. “Dear Priest, how is it fathomable that we could be disrespectful to the body which is the blessed temple which houses all that keeps us alive so we CAN pray and serve others”. “Dear Priest, riddle me that”.

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