My professional life is built on evaluating organizational health

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Being an adult comes with great responsibility.


My professional life is built on evaluating organizational health.

To expertly look for obvious (and not so obvious) signs – signs that are invisible to those closest to the situation.

i still remind our Son (17) that what can sound like judgement from me is actually evaluation.

Never attempt to intentionally use guilt on others to motivate them to exercise, eat well, and sleep better.

However, do use guilt on yourself if you discover it’s effective.

Here’s my personal health evaluation on brushing and flossing.

In my life, i’ve experienced people close to me sharing that i made them feel guilty, and even worse, they feel i’ve labeled them lazy.

Here’s the thing that’s interesting to note.

Is there a correlation between being active and great oral health?

Conversely, is there a correlation between inactivity and poor oral health?

Regular exercise, meal planning and prep, as well as scheduled sleep and awaken times all take chunks of time.

Brushing and flossing is only a few minutes of the day, in the convenience of your bathroom.

If being lazy isn’t the reason for poor oral habits, what is?


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