Make Mondays Simple

Maybe Mondays should be more like “Easy Street”…

If Mondays are tough on you, wouldn’t it make sense not to plan your longest or most difficult fitness plans on a Monday?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff, I’ve struggled with this blog for the last couple of days.

    While I like the comment, picture, and intent behind it, it still aggitates me. Why?

    It took me some time work through it.

    While I’m no longer on the front lines I know many who are. I know what that world is like. I know that there are no easy streets in that world. I know that every day is a kill or be killed opportunity. It is difficult world to live in. We survive by believing in the man to our left and right, by believing in our families, our friends, our leadership, and our faiths. We never lose our sense of humor which can get us through almost any situation.

    But the thought of an “Easy Street” is the farthest thing from thier minds. I wish it were true. I want it to be true…but reality keeps pulling me back.

    Now bring it home. There are millions in this country that will never have and “Easy Street” whether it is thier fault or not. I look out my DC office window and see the homeless building their “homes” on the benches lining Pennsylvania Ave. Every day is a live or die opportunity. No easy street.

    I’m not sure why I wrote this response but I wanted to share with you.

    Call me some time.

  2. Skip, your response is a bull’s eye. You have cut to the heart an important matter.

    I tell Chapin to be kind to all the people he meets, because everyone is fighting a hard battle. Some battles are invisible, like infertility, an incurable disease, injustice, some addictions, an empty spirit, etc.

    The people who get to visit Disney Parks and walk down their streets, are so lucky. It is my hope that people click ‘Next Blog’ and go to where the tone, and hope, is much different.

    Will try to call later today.

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