Insidiously under rated and off your radar?

Stay hydrated


(photo: Some people take hydration very seriously and certain clients have fun helping them do it.)

Do others enjoy serving us as much as we enjoy serving them?

Exercise is but one component of wellness.

Staying hydrated is way under rated.

Insidiously under rated.

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  1. Staying hydrated is insidiously under-rated. I totally agree. The culture tells us to drink lots of water – 8 glasses a day, minimum. Not much information is shared about the dangers of dehydration. First and foremost is the possibility of ending up in the hospital because of it. I’ve always heard that, if you’re hungry, it’s probable that you’re not really hungry…but dehydrated. If you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. I heard a story not too long ago of someone (and I can’t remember, for the life of me, who it was. (A friend of someone I know told me this some time ago) A friend was in the hospital for surgery, but after getting out of recovery, the patient died. They died of dehydration!!! I can’t imagine WHY the hospital staff was not aware of that complication, and did not put the patient on a “drip bag” to remedy the problem. How sad! Maybe it isn’t always apparent. Since our bodies are composed of a high percentage of water…..we need to replenish it regularly. Thanks, Jeff, for reminding me to drink more water. My website: “Aunt”.

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